Unless your web address is associated with name brand recognition that reaches millions, your company cannot afford to underestimate the benefits of proper search engine registration. Even if your company is fortunate enough to have strong name brand recognition, savvy companies will still invest the time and money to insure that they gain maximum exposure in the search engines.

Search engine registration is a continuous process that requires frequent URL submission and keyword optimization. Furthermore, how your web site is designed impacts its effectiveness on search engines. Our reporting abilities allow us to monitor the placement of multiple search words and phrases daily if necessary, and make any adjustments to our work accordingly. Search engine placement has been one of our team's specialties for years.

While millions of businesses have invested vast sums in making their websites visually attractive, they then fail to achieve their primary objective of generating more sales. Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools because customers seek you out at the time they are ready to buy. We use computer power to rapidly analyse the millions of words being used in search engines in order to find the most valuable phrases for your particular business.

Our philosophy is to assist clients in developing a content-rich, theme based website that is optimized for specific keyword phrases, phrases that are used often by people when they are searching.

We always make a point to try and work with the search engines, not against them, which makes for longer lasting top positions. Gianfranco eMarketing uses only professional, ethical, and legitimate methods and tactics to achieve search engine placement and rankings that drive targeted traffic for our clients.

With our techniques, there is no danger of your site being banned or blacklisted due to practices which are frowned upon by the search engines. We begin with an extensive analysis of your industry's keywords to determine what people are truly using when searching for your types of products and/or services.

Once the research is complete and you approve the phrases, we will work with you or your company's web developer to make your site as "search engine friendly" as possible (design elements, technologies, layout, etc. can all factor into this).

These types of changes are usually relatively minor and most clients do not have a problem implementing them. After the groundwork is set, will then work with you to optimize all the elements of your pages, which may include adding additional text to your existing copy and coding in the HTML (meta tags).